Concept – Nottinghamshire


The design of the property was based around our Clients distinctive and informed requirements and we worked jointly to produce a finished style and practical application of their ideal.

A definitive site was selected and negotiations with agents and the Local Authority commenced over a period of approximately 6 months.   A variety of styles, internal layouts and finishes were designed, discussed and 3D models created to enable our Clients to fully visualize their home.

However, despite numerous meetings and re-designs our Clients and the Local Authorities requirements were unable to be reconciled and the purchase of the land was not completed.

Our Clients had a fully considered design available and were still keen to build their own home.  With this in mind we continued to look at all possibilities with regards to land available and development opportunities.

However, time constraints following the unsuccessful purchase of the original site meant our Clients returned to the UK and purchasing a traditional, pre-built family home.


Our Clients were running their business and living abroad at the time they approached us with a view to finding a plot and designing a house for their return to the UK.